Thursday, December 2, 2010

FINAL COVER ART for Elemental Magic Volume ll

Well, after all the deliberating, it looks like this is the final cover design for Elemental Magic Volume ll, 'The Technique of Special Effects Animation'. I can't thank all of you enough. I received a great deal of feedback from a lot of people, and it was extremely helpful!

Believe me, I considered every comment I received. A lot of people really liked the black cover designs, as I did as well. But the final consensus was to go with something very close in overall look to the first Elemental Magic cover, rather than go for contrast. To create continuity in what will now be a book 'series'.

Elemental Magic Volume lll? Well, it's too early to say. I am at work on a couple of other book ideas that don't necessarily have anything to do with animation, but that's for another blog I suppose!

Right now I am deep into completing Volume ll in time for my deadline. And it is looking stupendous! I will post a sneek peek at some more images before the final release date. Look for ELEMENTAL MAGIC VOLUME ll to be available this spring! I have added a couple of images from the new book below...


jenn brisson said...

It looks great, Joe!!

Unknown said...

Hi Joseph! I'm sure I'll buy it. But, let me ask you one question... This volume II is different from Volume I? I'm thinking about buy the first, but if this second covers the first and come with more stuff, I'll wait the launched. Hope an answer. Thanks.

Unknown said...

Hi Joseph,
found your blog through the Google machine after buying your book and just wanted to thank you. It's exactly what I need for my 3rd year assignment and I cannot wait for Volume 2.

I'm an animation student at Teesside University and just found out your giving a lecture at Animex so I'll see you there. Thanks again!

Pakie S. said...

I just bought the first one not that long ago! ahh, i must read faster!!

Jill Fog said...

I am attending an animation course at NBCC Miramichi. I just purchased your first Elemental Magic book. I love it! I heard you had visited our school last year. I'm sad I missed you! If only I had attended a year sooner!

I'm looking forward to Volume II!