Tuesday, March 4, 2014

An Archive of sorts


This grows in my egg....
Born in my Heart,
I nurture it with my every Joy,
And radiate Gratitude on it...

And my Sacred Fractal Flower
Waits patiently in its egg,
In the center of my Soul

Yearning to Share,
of it's blossom,
Its fragrance,
its nectar.

Egg 10.0

always pays off.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Newer better blog to see my work.....

Here's a new blog 
that I will actually be updating regularly
(unlike this one )
It features my paintings but will include 
work from all aspects of my creative endeavors. 

Has as yet no followers at all
and I am trying to get anyone interested in 
what I am up to to head this way OK?

 This blog may or may not become more active in the future, 
I am changing my online presence and approach 
somewhat, in transition at the moment.

Water 2
Acrylic on canvas 4" x 4"

Fire 2
Acrylic on canvas 4" x 4"

Wind 2
Acrylic on canvas 4" x 4"

Earth 2
Acrylic on canvas 4" x 4"