Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Elemental Book Launch is here this FRIDAY, APRIL the 24th!!

Come one come all to the Elemental Magic Book Launch Par-tay! It promises to be an eventful and memorable evening. I will have plenty of books on hand, and for $50 you'll get a signed copy with your own unique illustration! There is a full (not free) bar, there will be fantastic FREE food, and some killer live music too! So come on down and hang out for a while. And if you can't buy a copy, don't let it stop you from coming! I just want to see your smiling face and thank you for being a friend and supporting this really cool new book that the animation world needs so badly!


Andy J. Latham said...

Hi Joseph, I just wanted to say how great it is to see a book dedicated to effects animation. I'm a character animator myself, but am fascinated by what guys like you do. It's an art that isn't given enough attention, so your book will be fantastic.

I was wondering whether it would be possible to get a signed copy of your book sent to me in the UK? Clearly I wouldn't be able to attend your launch party. Of course I'd pay all the postage and everything too.

If it would be possible, you can email me at andy@andysanimation.co.uk to sort out the details?

Thanks so much Joseph :)

Jeff Cook said...

I have been in great anticipation for this book since I first heard about it around the middle of last year on Michel Gagne's website.

I have studied in Classical Character animation and of course I am a huge animation fan too, and I must say that Effects animation really is a secret, magic art which isn't the easiest to find information about.
In this age where tips and techniques are shared worldwide over the internet, I must say that the art of effects animation really has managed to stay under the radar. Classical Effects animation is something I want to learn a lot more about and experiment with as it is always incredibly amazing to see on screen, yet is highly under rated as an art form.

I am thrilled to see this book get released and once our exchange rate is looking slightly friendlier I will definitely be buying this book off Amazon.

Congratulations on the excellent work.

jontbrown said...

Congrats Joe...
I'm looking forward to seeing it in print! As a VFS classical alum, I hope your book finds a large audience.

Carly C said...

LOL too bad I'm in New York!

raahko said...

For what it's worth, i wanted to put my vote in for number 4. It caught and held my eyes the best. Richer than the one above it which would be my second but not close choice. I find them both elegant and focused, but the colored elements in number 4 added intrigue - sparked my curiosity and made me want to look at it again. And again.

I wasn't taken by the ones that showed the animation lines, etc. -- they feel architectural as versus magical. Number 4 just shows the magic working at it's best.

I especially didn't like the covers in black -- coupled with the title, "Elemental Magic," they brought to me more a sense of a book about sorcery and 'black magic.' Compare with number 4 where the light and clarity have a sense of uplifting.

I know I'm getting carried away, but I did notice on your blog, which I only glanced through (a passing stranger who got here from the Pencil forum), that you like to meditate by the at the water's edge. Number 4, to me, combines the refreshing energy of the water splashing up with the wonder about the colored liquid going inward. Seems like a nice image for your lake meditations, which, I'm guessing, are an important source for inspiration and being.

Great. You don't know me from Adam. But here's a handful of feedback. Best wishes. I'm sure you can't go wrong.

If I really get into animation, I may be back.

Thanks for your contributions.