Sunday, March 1, 2009

Elemental Magic Book Launch!

I am happy to announce that I finally have a finished copy of my book, 'Elemental Magic' and it is more beautiful than I ever imagined it would be. On the 24th of April in Vancouver, I am throwing a party to launch the book! Come one and come all, from near or from far! I will be signing copies for all my friends, screening images from the book, and there will be live music, food and drink. I hope to see you there! Click on the image below to read the details......

Oh yes, and the book is now available on and for pre-order, so if you can't make it to the opening, you can still get your own copy. And if you really want a signed copy, e-mail me at and I will get you a signed copy delivered for $50 US each. (that's the best price I can do for shipping and all, after buying my own copies from the publisher...but I'll make a really cool drawing and personalize it to make it worth every penny)

Thank you all for your support, hope to see you soon!


pud said...

The book looks great Joe.
I'm going to add a link from my Blog.

Since knowing you, you have always been very passionate about this art.
And it shows in your work.

Nothing but success with this.
All the best.

L-- said...

Saw the book in the bookstore today! It looked fantastic--I look forward to reading (and learning from) it!

michael said...

I received my copy from amazon yesterday. It's a wonderful book! thanks for sharing your thoughts and techniques of hand drawn effects!

Michael said...

I finaly got my book today.
I have to say i like the conted a lot, great drawings, great text... but the you can barly read some of the text that is put above pictures.
It´s realy sad, someone should have put a cupple of $ in to get this stuff well don.
Otherwise it´s realy great!

Vin Rowe said...

Got my copy a couple weeks ago - love it!

It's an excellent mix of the technical/practical and the philosophical, and it's already become a great resource for me.

I especially like the tips on getting fractal variation into things. Working on that got me out of a bit of a rut I didn't even realize I was in. Thanks!

Ron said...

Got my copy last week, looks absolutely fantastic, great job!

RAWLS said...

Awesome work my friend!!! Can't wait to pick up a copy!

macaronni said...

Save one for me Joe :)

Can't wait to see you again!

R.Dress said...

Congrats! Your work is amazing.
word verification: arton =) haha