Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Sneak preview, working title card for one of my upcoming animation film projects...

What stories would the animals tell,
and pass on down to their children 
through the ages, about us modern day humans, 
and our legacy on planet Earth?

How have we re-shaped the animal's reality, 
after they lived in perfect balance with nature
for millenia, minding their own business,
and peacefully raising their families
for countless generations?

For millenia even us humans lived in relative
balance with nature as well, relying on its fruitful 
bounty for sustenance, but never 
taking more than needed, or hoarding, 
or controlling another sentient being's food source.

But modern man?
We are a species unto ourselves.
A species that lost its way,
and began taking more than it needs,
more than it gives back...

the legend is told.....

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