Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Sitting at a desk, animating on paper, for fully forty years now....

I'm so glad I have this priceless photo of me 
doing my animation thing, back in 1980, in 
Montreal, working on 'Heavy Metal' The Movie. 
I had been at it already since 1974. And now, 
in 2014, it is fully 40 years since I started drawing 
animation on paper on a classic animation 
disc with back light.

Hard at work on Taarna...

The Montreal studio on Bishop Street, 
was the hub of the whole Heavy Metal film production.
Several studios, in Toronto, Ottawa, London, Los Angeles, 
etc, worked on sequences that were all compiled and brought 
together by the director Gerry Potterton, in our downtown 
Montreal studio, Heavy Metal Productions.

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