Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Elemental Magic Volume 2!!

Well, I have finally gotten the full green-light from my publisher, to move forward on my next book. It will be a far more in depth study of several key effects elements, and I will get in to a great deal more detail than I was able to in 'Elemental Magic'. In my first book, I was trying to touch on such a wide variety of effects elements that I was unable to get into as much detail as I really wanted to, although to its credit, 'Elemental Magic' got into effects in far more detail than has ever been published before.

The feedback from 'Elemental Magic' has been overwhelmingly positive, and I was delighted how happy animators all over the world, professionals and beginners were, to have an inspirational reference book opening up the 'secrets' behind animating the elements. The thirst for this knowledge is certainly out there, and I have had many requests for more of the same, but with requests for specific effects, such as splashes or fires, to be explained, illustrated and even animated, in step by step detail.

For that reason, my second book will include a DVD, which will feature live action footage of the author (that would be me...) actually animating in real time, and explaining, step by step, the reasoning, logic and creative process going into every stroke of the pencil, frame by frame. Design, timing, physics, stylization, perspective and drawing technique, will be demonstrated and explained with an on-going dialogue with the viewer. Clips from workshops and lectures will also be included, as well as clips of the actual animation effects drawing I have created live, in front of the camera, shot in sequence, so the viewer can see the work in motion. These will include various different frame rates and timing signatures, so the viewer can see clearly, how much a single frame (at 24 or 30 frames a second) can make or break a series of effects drawings.

I am just starting the work on this book. It's completion and release is scheduled for early 2011, which seems lake a long ways off now, but I know the time will fly by. I am currently holed up in a small home/studio, in a small town on Vancouver Island, where most of the work will be done. It is quiet, secluded, and peaceful. My social life here consists only of taking care of my aging Mother, Tommy, to whom this second installment of 'Elemental Magic' will be dedicated.

So please, send me your thoughts and ideas, and as many inspirational emails as you can! Requests for information on specific effects elements to be included in the book will all be considered. Visits from my friends and colleagues are more than welcome, as are links to cool web sites, and invitations to visit warm tropical places, or attend earth shattering cultural events.....

My purpose with this book, is to share, and spread creative energy into the world. I've discovered so far, that having a book published, unless it's a best seller, is not the road to riches. But the positive feedback I have received from friends, colleagues and 'Elemental Magic' fans the world over, is more than rewarding. It tickles me to my core, and inspires me to do more. so there you have it, and here it comes!

Stay tuned!


Andy J. Latham said...

rilliant! I'm hoping to get your first book for Christmas :)

I love the idea of having a dvd with you animating, there's no better way of learning in my opinion

Carly C said...

I love you for this :D I'd be sure to let you know if something comes to mind!

Daniƫl Ernst said...

Well that's good news, will get it as soon as possible!! I put the elemental magic book in good use, not only in animating effects but the theory seemed applicable in drawing trees shrubberies and even characters too.

At my work I make effects for computergames, which I had too learn by looking at youtube movies or looking at animation movies. And a couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to be handed your blog by a colleague and instantly ordering the book and being able to put the book in use immediately and I realized what I was missing for the past year, some good old solid tutorials.

So hereby thanks for sharing your professionalism and years of wisdom!

PS The dvd would be a great addition. Also maybe you could do a chapter about game effects?

Biker Angel said...

Hello Daniel,

I appreciate your comments, thank you. It's great to know that artists like yourself are getting something out of my book.

I wouldn't do something like a specific chapter on game effects. For one thing, I have not designed or animated effects for games, but also, I want to stick to over all principles and techniques that can be useful no matter what kind of animation project you are working on. Of course there are very specific requirements for making effects work with a particular engine that is driving a game, and the environment, A.I. and all has to work together. But if the core effects are working well, they can be adapted to whatever medium. 2D-3D, games, advertising, feature films, Saturday morning cartoons, iPhone apps, whatever....

I want to keep my books relevant regardless of the medium...

thanks again for your kind comments1


Nubian Greene said...

really looking foward to that!! phew

Naoki Araiza said...

definately worth buying it! i use so much the elemental magic at my work that is already falling appart... and the DVD is a great idea! like the richard williams dvd set, you should a 16 dvd set... thanks!