Saturday, November 22, 2014

There Are No Good Guys, There Are No Bad Guys

Throughout my forty years as an animator, I have always made a great deal of music on
'on the side' so to speak, even getting a couple of pretty active and successful bands off the ground 
along the way. Music compliments animation brilliantly, demanding of the artist a knowledge of time/space, timing, phrasing, the space in between, anticipation, 
follow-through, overlapping elements, etc.
Exactly the same components that make up any
great animation performance.

This music video for my song "There are no bad guys" 
is the basis for a music video project that I am starting up,
a project that will eventually cover many songs by many diverse artists
from different cultures around the world.

I'm doing my best to get this out there, and get it viral if I can. I think with the lyrics posted, 
like subtitles, it gives viewers a better connection...what do you think?

Please, help me get this video going really viral,
post it, send it to friends, play it up, 
because I PROMISE you,
I will make the final animated 
musical/animation/cultural extravaganza,
based on this song, recorded around the world,
well worth the wait to see it, mark my words!

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