Friday, July 16, 2010

Elemental Magic in JAPANESE!

I just got delivery of 'Elemental Magic' translated into Japanese! It looks pretty amazing, to see my book in a beautiful language like this that I can't understand. I can't help but wonder how they interpreted some of my more imaginative text. Hopefully I will get a chance to go through it with Japanese friends!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Playing with paint! A wonderful new direction for my art, and a fascinating exercise in Special Effects

I spent two days painting with my friend Autumn Skye, near Powell River. I have not painted anything since I was in art school back in the seventies, but it is something I have always planned on doing when I get 'older'. Skye is an incredible artist, and I was humbled to work next to her, but she is a generous and enthusiastic mentor. She was happy to answer all my questions patiently and turn me on to her painting 'tricks' of the trade. It was an amazing creative session, we worked outdoors under a large opened tent. Many, many thanks to Skye! Check out her phenomenal and inspiring artwork at:

Since posting this painting on Facebook, I got an overwhelming number of positive comments, and I am extremely enthused and excited to launch into a painting career....on top of my tattooing work! Egads, will I have time for fishing?

The painting is as yet unfinished, and untitled. I will post it when it's finished and properly photographed. It was really just a practice run, I was playing and learning, and I didn't expect to come up with something that I actually liked. In fact, there is much about it that I do NOT like, but it still fills me with excitement, just to see all that glorious colour and texture come to life under my wiggling brush. Super fun, cool, beautiful medium. Hooked on acrylics! (Now I just need to buy my own paints!, Thanks Skye!)